Facilities Par Excellence

Sagar Vidya Niketan aims for the all-around development of the student along with an understanding of the various vital branches of knowledge to increase the practical efficiency of the students. At this stage, students learn more new concepts with greater details and also develop an inclination or interest towards a particular subject. Hence they will realise what subjects they like better and therefore, what professional career or education stream to pursue. Smart class empowers teachers to teach better with their instructional framework .It helps involve collaborative learning methods ,teachers can use creative, critical, and analytical thinking. Objective, subjective, and analytical questions have been introduced as part of the question paper and improve overall classroom involvement, which inculcate peer interaction.


Other curricular practices in secondary school include project based assessments, science exhibitions, activities, presentations and monthly reviews. Teachers, too, are always at hand to assist with their expertise. The Competitions and Activities are meticulously planned keeping in mind the varied interests and mindsets of the students and the list is exhaustive ranging from quiz, reading, recitation of shlokas to debates, best out of waste, music and painting.

Morning Assemblies are conducted throughout the year to promote confidence in students, give the opportunity to teachers to share important information, and allow all the members to unite together and interact and bring forward many talents.


The Assessment Pattern in the Secondary Section is as per the MPBSE norms. Class X appears for Board Examination (for class IX, the exams are done at the school level under the syllabus and guidance of the Board). The secondary school program prepares students for examinations in all the fields as per MP board curriculum. Students of the secondary school are also prepared to appear in the various activities, examinations through the classroom coaching system designed by the school’s faculty. Parent-teacher meetings encourage students to work on themselves, improve their academic performance and widen their skills. Effective communication between parents and teachers also helps ensure that both parties are on the same page when it comes to the child's academic goals.